venerdì 25 marzo 2011

FLARE jeans:street style + surprise :)

Welcome back to miss faty lol. After my disappearance for a few days in ROME...
Here I am finally with a new article in English :)
Today we talk about FLARE jeans...the most desired of this season...wearable and easily accessible ways to dress right, welcome the elongated, figure-flattering kick flares of the 1970s.
Ps: don’t forget the heels !!!! :)

one of my outfit of the day in sweet ROME :)

                                                    Jeans,shirt and leather jacket from: zara
                                                    Bag :marc by marc jacobs
                                                    Sneakers : ralph lauren

with love by miss faty :)

9 commenti:

  1. welcome baaack girl :D & there's even a picture of you wuhuuu :D & you're super cute :D bisous

  2. Ahhhh enfin une foto de toi sa fait plaisir tu devrait faire sa plus souvent! SInon l'article j'adore!

  3. Rome sounds awsome! Cute outfit, love your marc by marc jacobs bag! xoxo

  4. ça fais plaisir de te voir en outfit :) on en veut encore :)


  5. I ♥ high waisted flare jeans, awesome selection of pictures!! And your outfit was perfect for Rome: complimenti ;-)